Your photos should tell a story.



Hi and welcome!  I'm an Indianapolis-based photographer and graphic designer.  Here you'll find a little piece of my heart scattered all over these pages.  This isn't just a job; it's truly what I'm passionate about.  I work hard to create art that I'm proud to give my clients.  Thanks for stopping by!


Take a look around and notice what makes our photos different.  You may notice that every detail is not sharply in focus or that families and little ones are frequently not looking at the camera.  These are characteristics of “lifestyle” photography – an art that captures life as it happens.  Every session is unique – tailored to fit you and your family dynamics in a natural-light location. 

We can't wait to meet you!


School portraits are notoriously terrible.  Awkward smiles.  Forced poses.  Bright lighting.  We strive to change all that and create school photos that parents actually want to buy.  We take enough pictures of each child to get them looking natural and relaxed and offer parents multiple versions to choose from. We then post the photos in an online gallery a few weeks later where parents have the option to purchase the digitals and/or prints.  Prints are shipped directly to the parents.  No money in envelopes.  No pre-ordering.  No losing things between home and school.  Give us a try!  We think we'll exceed your expectations.


We have over ten years experience designing marketing pieces, branding materials, and t-shirts.  Some of our clients include a restaurant in New Zealand, an elementary school in Texas, and a mega church in Atlanta.  We love combining simplicity and cleverness to create a design that's unforgettable.