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Hey all! This post is long overdue . . . but in the last six months my insanely creative sister-in-law (also a photographer and also named Amy Tripple – isn’t that fun?!) launched a new website called Sugar Snappers ( as a resource for “budding photographers”. The main product is something she thought up – a series of wood floor overlays to use in Photoshop and digitally put over almost any other type of floor. It works best on floors that were already wood and just need some pizazz, but I’ve had success with tile as well! Check them out. She’s a genius. 🙂


In addition, she’s so graciously allowed me to sell some of my creations there as well and they’ve just gone up for sale TODAY!! I’m ecstatic!! 🙂 Are you a photographer who’s just getting started and need an identity?? Already a photographer who needs to revamp your look?? I have three marketing kits for sale.   The kits include .psd templates for the following products: a double-sided business card, a double-sided gift certificate, a “What’s Next?” card to give your clients a time line after your shoot, a CD label, and MY FAVORITE one – a double-sided template for a 5×5 trifold CD holder.

These templates for the tri-fold CD holders are the perfect alternative to slimline CD cases that crack easily or expensive custom CD “books”.  They’re totally customizable and can be printed easily at Full Color (with the CD hub attached), Miller’s (with or without the CD hub), or WHCC (as 5×5 cards without the hub and you can purchase stick-on hubs yourself for around 10 cents each).  You could either print them one at a time and make them personal to each client (with their photos), or, like I do, make them personal to your business and print a bunch at once to keep in stock.  They have the copyright information and print release printed right on them so no need to give your clients an extra document for them make prints.

Know a photographer who might be interested?? Tell them about the website:

Oh, and you should note these kits don’t come with logos, but if you need a logo, let me know and we’ll work one up for you!

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Interested in taking BOTH my classes, “Demystifying Your DSLR” and “Excelling in Elements”??  Get a 15% discount by signing up for both!  We are offering an additional DSLR class on Feb. 12, in case some are traveling on the 19th since it’s a holiday weekend.  So that’s two opportunities to take the DSLR class (Feb. 12 and 19) and one on March 26 to take the Elements class.

Can’t make one of the classes??  Pay now for both and then you will be credited with a future class!!

Buy both classes at a discounted rate here:

Class Options
Date of DSLR (Feb. 12 or 19)

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Some friends of ours just gave birth to their first baby and I had the privilege of snapping some photos this week when he was less than a week old –  oh how the memories of being a new parent came flooding back!  I remember being sick to my stomach with anxiety, an emotional basketcase, and beaming with joy all at the same time.  We were so proud and excited, yet at the same time were (I think this is where I could appropriately insert “bless our hearts”) absolutely clueless.  It was a great adventure to figure it all out together as parents.  There’s nothing better than a brand new snuggly baby!

Here’s the new little man, who happened to come two weeks earlier than expected:


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