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Independence. Rapidly expanding vocabularies. Limitless energy. Curiosity.  As you may have guessed, this blog post is dedicated to two-year-olds!  I must say that while they exhaust me … I am having such a blast as a mommy of one myself!  Our son is such a riot.  He has a crazy imagination and is always pretending something is something else.  He’s obsessed with firetrucks (and does a pretty darn good impression of the noise they make) .  He asks a million questions day.  He frequently tells me, “Mama, my do it.”  He sometimes drives me nuts.  He’s compliant (a majority of the time).  He just started sleeping in a “big boy” bed.  He still loves to snuggle.  He’s going to be an AWESOME big brother (speaking of which – I’m just 3 weeks from my due date!  How can that be?!)  He’s two and although it makes life crazy at times, I’m trying to embrace it.  Because someday I’m going to miss the crazy and wonder where it all went.

And with that, some more two-year-olds.


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Hey everyone!  It’s the time of the year to start thinking about Christmas gifts!  And I wanted to remind you of a GREAT option … Alphabet Art!

These are custom frames with matted photos that spell a name of your choice.  The frames are black solid oak with black mats.  The photos have been taken of random objects that look like letters (by yours truly) from literally all over the country!


You can even customize it for your favorite team with a custom mat color!


Names with 3 to 6 letters (frame size is 8″ x 24″)  … $89

Names with 7 to 9 letters (frame size is 8″ x 36″) … $99

Contact me at to order one ASAP!


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  • Alexa Rim - Thanks for the alphabet site. I get bored sometimes doing the same thing each year. This will give me some new alphabet art..

  • Julia - Beautiful! I love the custom matting colors. I had a go at making on of these myself.. harder than it looks!! It’s best left to experts like you!! 🙂

I’m so behind on sneak peeks; it’s ridiculous, really.  But, I couldn’t keep these cuties all to myself and not share.

First, two week old baby E.  And, can you believe this first pic?!  I could barely believe it myself.  Tons of big name, very expensive photographers shoot babies doing this all the time and I’ve never been able to duplicate it … until now!  Baby E slept like a champ and she was perfect.




Next up, another baby E.  This precious girl and her parents have QUITE the story!  It’s absolutely amazing.  Her parents prayed for a lot of years for a baby and had come to the conclusion it wasn’t in God’s plan for them.  They began the process of adopting four siblings from Ethiopia (yes, you read that correctly, FOUR) but continued to face setbacks in the adoption process.  Earlier this year, along comes surprise baby E!  A complete blessing.  She was born this past month 8 weeks premature but despite being so early, faced no serious medical issues.  Another blessing.  And, things are now in the works for her four Ethiopian siblings to come home early next year!  Yay!



And finally, Miss H!  This girl has the sweetest cheeks and longest eyelashes.  Some boy someday is going to be smitten!


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  • Jessica - We sure have some cute baby girls at our church!! Great job Amy!!

I think it’s finally fall.  This weekend I was actually a bit chilled in my short sleeves waiting for my clients to arrive!  Hip hip hooray!  That’s a start right?  Never mind that it’s still in the 80’s during the day. 😉

Here’s a sweet couple that is already married but never had the chance to get engagement photos.  They’re adorable – as in, the couple that comes in the picture frame adorable.

PINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEAnd family #2 has  a big heart for adoption!  They came complete with five kids and a dog!  I’m so glad each of these kids has a home that is overflowing with love to call their own.



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